What We Believe

We’ve created Potablegame to reflect our passions and values. A love for lounge and leisure, an appreciation for thoughtful craftsmanship, and a few, strongly-held beliefs.


Quality time enjoyed at hom

is the ultimate luxury.


We believe that simplicity is the truest form of sophistication.
That quality time enjoyed at home is the ultimate luxury.
And that the best times happen in the bedroom.

The Bedroom

should be better.

Our beds are the foundation of our lives, the centerpiece to life’s HQ. Yet, no one really loves their old bed frame. Most beds, cheap or expensive, come with a laundry list of undesirables. Too flimsy, squeaky, difficult to assemble, impossible to move, limited storage, toxic materials, cheap design. The list goes on.

For the most-used piece of furniture in our lives, we thought it was time for something better. So we set out to solve all of the most intimately felt problems in the bedroom, starting with The Bed itself.

We set out to fix

the bed.

Our goal was to create a platform bed that stripped away everything unnecessary and elevated every aspect of bedroom living. To find the perfect combination of functionality, minimalism, and luxury design, while being mindful of our environmental impact every step of the way.

Globally inspired and designed in San Francisco, we drew from modern architecture, Japanese craftsmanship, fashion, and interior design. Every detail became purposeful, each material selection mindful. For two years, we designed and prototyped dozens of beds. And then spent thousands of hours testing, trashing, improving, and refining until we created the perfect platform bed, designed to last a lifetime.

Doing good on

The bed.

10 million tons of furniture are thrown out in the U.S. every year as a direct result of limited design, absent craftsmanship, cheap materials, immobility, and disposability.

When we launched Thuma, we committed to environment first thinking, deliberate design, and continued mindfulness at each stage of our design, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Today, our commitment is stronger than ever.

The Bed is GREENGUARD Gold certified, having met some of the world’s most intensive chemical emissions standards after rigorous testing. So, you’ll enjoy cleaner air in addition to everything else Potablegame brings to the bedroom.

We work with One Tree Planted so that each bed, headboard, nightstand, and dresser sold results in one tree planted for our world’s forests.

We use environmentally-friendly, upcycled and repurposed rubberwood from rubber tree plantations located closeby to our craftsmen and factories. By doing so, we’re repurposing trees that have already reached the end of their latex producing life-cycles and are otherwise discarded. This process also minimizes our carbon footprint by vastly reducing transportation emissions compared to other companies who import materials located much farther away.

Styrofoam has long been the go-to protective material, but it’s also among the worst synthetic materials for us and our planet. By designing our product with efficient shipping in mind from the off-set, we were able to completely remove the need for styrofoam. Instead, we’ve built durable products that fit together during shipping, packaged inside of recycled cardboard to ensure a smooth delivery.

The craftsmen and factories we work with hold themselves to the highest quality and ethical standards. We spent months searching for our perfect partners, and visit them often, working with them shoulder to shoulder on the factory floors to develop the perfect platform bed frame and other bedroom essentials.